Our Details

Hi I am Edgar Rodriquez owner of your favorite Garage Door Brand.

HSH Cleveland is best known for a high quality product and a wide selection of garage doors. Its unbeatable product warranties and its “HSH Cleveland Expert” network, assure all HSH Cleveland customers that they can count on qualified garage door experts in the sales, installation and repair of garage doors.

What is our mission?
Our mission is to manufacture and distribute quality garage door products and accessories to the North American and international markets. Always aware of your changing needs, our 190 employees develop, rigorously test, market, and support garage door products using the most up-to-date tools and technologies. All our products are covered by unbeatable warranties.

What are the values at HSH Cleveland?
Our personnel are guided by core principles of Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Improvement, Open-mindedness, Quality, Health and Security. These values are upheld at every level of the company. We want our dealers and customers to feel our commitment to them and to our products.

HSH Cleveland, a quality leader!
HSH Cleveland produces superior quality garage doors thanks to its two fully-automated garage door plants featuring digital control technology. Both plants are located in Canada (St-Georges, QC and Barrie, ON).

HSH Cleveland has grown steadily and built up a solid international reputation in the industry as a manufacturer of high quality, reliable garage doors. Quality goes far beyond our products. It extends to each and every one of our employees. No matter what the context, you will be surprised by service that exceeds your expectations.